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I'm trying to update my code so it will compile x86_64, unfortunately the code below is the main culprit (which happens to be roughly ten years old). I know it should be a CTFont type class, although I have no idea how to adapt this old code to the current. Any help would be appreciated. I've also included a reference to this code and some of its predecessors, which also happen to be deprecated. thanks!

- (void)loadLocalFonts
   NSString *fontsFolder;    
   if ((fontsFolder = [[NSBundle mainBundle] resourcePath])) {
       NSURL *fontsURL;
       if ((fontsURL = [NSURL fileURLWithPath:fontsFolder])) {
           FSRef fsRef;
           FSSpec fsSpec;
           (void)CFURLGetFSRef((CFURLRef)fontsURL, &fsRef);
           if (FSGetCatalogInfo(&fsRef, kFSCatInfoNone, NULL, NULL, &fsSpec,
NULL) == noErr) {
               FMActivateFonts(&fsSpec, NULL, NULL, kFMLocalActivationContext);

Reference: Using Custom Fonts In Your Cocoa Applications

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The answer to your question could be pretty broad. What does your loadLocalFonts function do? If you want to present a selection of fonts to choose from, bring up a font panel (via NSFontPanel) and change fonts via the NSFontManager. –  Michael Dautermann Jan 11 '12 at 7:29
@MichaelDautermann -- how is it broad? i gave the exact code i'm using and an example, which is very specific. NSFontManager has nothing to do with my questions. i'm trying to display a custom font in the gui, which currently uses FMActivateFonts... –  user963395 Jan 11 '12 at 7:31

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Thanks for the comment back. I wasn't sure exactly what you were doing there.

To me it looked like you were loading a selection (or font family) from your resource folder and activating them (whatever that used to be ... Font Manager FM_____ calls feel like 10 years ago at this point :-)

Anyways, check out this potentially useful question that has answers that may help you out. Looks like it might be as easy as making the font available via a ATSApplicationFontsPath key in the info.list file (the higher rated answer there).

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thanks, i'll take a look. i think the only line that needs changed is the one i mentioned -- i'm hoping. –  user963395 Jan 11 '12 at 7:49

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