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I am developing an ASP.NET web application and I have some images in the images slider without any links, so now when I put the images between anchor tags I got a border (in a purple color) around each image just in the Internet Explorer and I don't know why. In Firefox, everything works fine. So how to fix that in the IE browser?

enter image description here

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What slider?

if you want to remove borders from all the images in < a > tags you can use the following css rule:

a img {

... every IE sometimes has problems with style="border-style:none" use style="border:none" instead

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Thanks. I really appreciate your help. –  user1093651 Jan 11 '12 at 11:22

Set the border-style property to none.

img { border-style: none; }
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This example uses the style attribute to define the border style:

<a href="myurl" style="border: none;">    
<img src="someimage.jpg" .... />    
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a img {
    border: medium none;

Hope this helps.

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