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I am using spring and hibernate in my project. Here I have UserBean class in spring. It contains 5 properties:

   UserId, Password, AccountId, fromDate, toDate

I want to save only 3 fields AccountId, fromdate and todate in database.

Previously I was using single bean to save 5 fields in Database. Now I want to save 3 field in database.

Please guide me how I separate the hibernate and spring bean.

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If you are using annotation approach, you can use annotated POJO class

class User {
 @Transient // do not consider userId for saving in database
 private int userId;
 private String password;
 private int accountId;
 private Date fromDate;
 private Date toDate;
 // getters and setters for above properties


If you are using xml based approach: check this tutorial from jboss

Provide :

User(pojo class which I have mentioned above), UserController, UserService, UserDao(database operations done in this class)

Refer SpringSource documentation for more information and how to integrate spring and hibernate.

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Thanks Dear i solved it. –  dharmendra Jan 19 '12 at 10:05

You can mark certain properties as transient and Hibernate won't map them to database. See more here

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