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I have a delicated server which is running Centos5.7. I installed Git and now server can pull the code from bitbucket.org for productive stage. My project need more people to join in (and it's not an opensource project), hence limitation of 5 users of bitbucket for closed-source project is not enough. However I also think that I can configure my server to host my own project (which is more reliable). I searched around and found out that Gitosis should be a good choice.

Then I followed the tutorial and installed Gitosis successfully. Git user (which will manage git repositories later) can be ssh from my git bash (on window 7) without any problem.

I dont want to manage my git users and projects through my own pc (which is running window), I only want to config them directly on the server, the reason is I'm not the supreme member of my team.

I've tried to clone git@myserver.com:gitosis-admin.git but it always asks for git user password. I enter the password and get the error:

gitosis-admin does not appear to be a git repository....

Please tell me what should I do fix this or follow other solution to make a collaborate repository for my team.


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Is it git@:gitosis-admin.git URL OK? I think, that there's missing a machine part of URL, i.e.: git@machine:gitosis-admin.git. –  Jan Marek Jan 11 '12 at 8:22
sorry, it's git@domain:gitosis-admin.git. I'm sure it's not the problem. I've tried with the IP address too but the same error. Do you know where the gitosis-serve locate at? –  xgenvn Jan 11 '12 at 8:33
For example: if you have git repository in directory /home/git/gitosis, you have to use this URL: git@machine:~/gitosis. –  Jan Marek Jan 11 '12 at 8:38
It seems working out somehow. Git user's home-dir is /home/git/. And the gitosis-admin is under /home/git/repositories. I've tried to enter "git clone git@myserver.com:~/repositories/gitosis-admin.git" . It's worked. Thanks for your suggestion. I think the tutorial was mistaken there. –  xgenvn Jan 11 '12 at 8:47

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