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I am trying this code in order to ping that ip address in LAN.. the result return is Sorry.

thanks. if u help me

I want to ping that ip of a printer from my device. can i do this.

 String ip_address="\\";
 boolean reachable=false;  
 TextView txt=(TextView) findViewById(R.id.info);
 InetAddress address;
try {
    address = InetAddress.getByName(ip_address);
    reachable =address.isReachable(3000); 
} catch (UnknownHostException e) {
    // TODO Auto-generated catch block
} catch (IOException e) {
    // TODO Auto-generated catch block
            txt.setText("Got it");

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i ahve also tired this by removing \\ with ip address but it still doent works. –  Jaffar Raza Jan 11 '12 at 8:22

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Try removing the \'s at the begining of the address.

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i have also tried this but it didnt work –  Jaffar Raza Jan 11 '12 at 8:20
address = InetAddress.getByName(ip_address); is a problem as it is doing a forward lookup, and you are providing an address. You need to use getByAddress(String host, byte[] addr) –  John Allen Jan 11 '12 at 15:43

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