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I am getting null on wimanager.getConnectionInfo().getMacAddress() in sony xperia. I have tested in dell, samsung and LG,all are returning MAC address. But in case of Sony xperia it is null. Why???

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have you tried it with sim in device? –  Kris Jan 12 '12 at 3:53
Sony xperia tested with sim also. –  Umesh Maurya Jan 12 '12 at 3:57

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I tried to get this "answer" as a comment - but it seems my rep are too low so I risk reducing it even further :) .

I hate to say: "It works for me" - but it does, on my Xperia Active. This snippet of code:

            WifiManager wfm = (WifiManager) getApplicationContext()
            String kalle = wfm.getConnectionInfo().getMacAddress();
            System.out.println("MAC Addr:" + kalle);

Gives this output: : 03-28 11:09:50.458: I/System.out(5053): MAC Addr:8c:64:22:2f:bd:c2 : Is WiFi properly enabled ? Is the phone connected to wifi ? If all this is yes – I think it would be of great assistance to Sony trouble shooters if you could provide following information in this thread:

Which kind of Xperia phone is it you have. There are a lot of Xperia phones out there. What phone software do you have on your sample of the phone ? (Settings -> About phone -> Version)

Kind regards /Johan

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