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Can you give me some tips how can i generate a suggestion based on the word entered by the user? Its not a misspelling thing, i wan't when a user enter the word: "hello" if the database does not contain the word "hello" but the word "helo" or "helol" suggest that.

Thank you.

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You should look into PHP's levenshtein function, this finds closest matching words based on a score, using a dictionary file... I know you said it's not mispelling, but the dictionary file can be anything and you can have more than one, depending on how you want to use it

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It will be way too complex to do with MySQL alone. You need to index commonly used words using something like Sphinx Search (a stand-alone full text search engine) and then run the queries against Sphinx.

There is a pretty good thread about it at

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That's the way i'd go – Prof83 Jan 11 '12 at 9:06
i don't want to use only mysql, i said in the title, PHP and MySql, but thanks for the answer – keepwalking Jan 11 '12 at 9:18

You can use the Soundex function and compare submitted string to a dictionnary database, i.e.:

soundex("Hellllo")       == soundex("Hello");

All you have to do, is storing your suggestions soundex in a table. Then when a user submit a word, you can search for his soundex hash in your table and return the words with the same / close pronounciation.

The soundex method is kind of fast, but your dictionnary table has to be indexed if you need performance.

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