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Im currently doing a project using lift screens and wizards. I need to add a table inside my flow. I couldn't find a way of creating a table inside my wizard.

Is there any way of creating a table inside a wizard or adding an external template snippet as a screen of a wizard.

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If your table can go at either the top or bottom of the screen, you can override screenTop or screenBottom to insert your table appropriately.

override def screenTop = Full(<lift:YourTableSnippet/>)

If you need the table to go into the middle of the screen, that's a bit more complicated. You could try creating a custom Field, but I doubt that's going to render exactly the way you want.

val table = new Field {
  type ValueType = Unit

  def name = S ? "table.name"

  def default = ()

  implicit def manifest = buildIt[Unit]

  override def toForm = Full(<lift:YourTableSnippet/>)
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that seems a good way, but it will render only in the right part of the page, doesn't it. i mean in the widget area rather than name area. I'll try to override the css anyway. thanks –  tiran Jan 11 '12 at 17:45

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