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Conditional Check in Where clause

I have a few parameters that I can provide in order to search data from table:

- DateFrom
- DateTo
- Name
- TypeId

I have one code that I need to improve. In application code I have a function that get all this parameters and based on what parameters that I provide by using IF statements I build different queries.
I wonder is there better way to do this?
To make just one query with parameters and if there is no parameter ignore it.
So I don't have to do this:

select...where DateFrom = 'someDate'
select...where DateFrom = 'someDate' and DateTo = 'someDate'
select...where DateFrom = 'someDate' and DateTo = 'someDate' and Name = 'someName'
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duplicate of a duplicate of a duplicate of a duplicate... read the best text on the matter: Dynamic Search Conditions in T-SQL, by Erland Sommarskog: –  KM. Jan 11 '12 at 16:09

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Try the very simple approach, assuming your parameters have the names @Begin, @End, @Name:

    (@Begin IS NULL OR DateFrom = @Begin) 
and (@End is NULL OR DateTo = @End)
and (@Name is NULL OR Name = @Name)

Then if you pass the parameter's value as NULL - then query will skip it

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+1 right solution :) –  aF. Jan 11 '12 at 9:45
since the OP is using SQL Server 2008, OPTION(RECOMPILE) can most likely be used (depending on the exact SQL Server sub version: which can resolve the local variables at runtime and basically remove the ORs and utilize an index if there is one. –  KM. Jan 11 '12 at 16:12

Use a common util class to control it.

getSqlParams(String dateFrom)
getSqlParams(String dataFrom,DateTo)

and so on. maybe can help you.because different params means diffrent dimension.
Using If is really so ugly. :(

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