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So I've been having this for quite a few days. I'm working on the chat component of the application. All the communication works fine, chats are saved with Redis, Backbone controllers function just fine. The problem is rendering the chat entries in the front end. This is the problematic code:

class views.ChatItemView extends Backbone.View
    tagName: 'li',

    initialize: (options) ->
        _.bindAll @, 'render'
        @model.bind 'all', @render

    render: ->
        $(@el).html @model.get('name') + ': ' + @model.get 'text'

This is the Firebug alert for error:

Uncaught TypeError: Object add has no method 'bind'

Does anyone have any idea why this happens or did anyone have similar problem?

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Is @model.bind 'all', @render line 21? Is @model a Backbone model? –  mu is too short Jan 11 '12 at 10:43
@mu-is-too-short Yeah, @model.bind 'all', @render is line 21 and yes, @model is ChatModel as defined in controller @model = new models.ChatModel(); @view = new views.ChatView model: @model, socket: @socket, el: $('#content') –  instinctious Jan 11 '12 at 11:39

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Not sure why you're getting your error, but, you don't need to _.bindAll when using CoffeeScript. Just use the fat arrow for the render function:

class views.ChatItemView extends Backbone.View
    tagName: 'li',

    initialize: (options) ->
        @model.bind 'all', @render

    render: =>
        $(@el).html @model.get('name') + ': ' + @model.get 'text'
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Thanks for the tip –  instinctious Jan 12 '12 at 10:53
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I figured it out.

This is the chatView initialization code

class views.ChatView extends Backbone.View
    initialize: (options) ->
        @model.chats.bind 'add', @addChat
        @socket = options.socket

    msgReceived: (message) ->
            newChatEntry = new models.ChatItem
            newChatEntry.mport message.data
            @model.chats.add newChatEntry

It binds 'add' to the @addChat action.

    addChat: (chat) ->
        view = new views.ChatItemView {model: chat}
        $('#chat_list').append view.render().el

It works just fine this way but previously I had:

        @model.chats.bind 'all', @addChat

So, binding 'all' to @addChat was causing the trouble.

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i'm not sure about this since coffeescript aint my thing, but

the console.log(@.model) seems to work? but you use @model when you try the bind method shouldn't this also be

@.model.bind 'all', @render
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@.model and @model both work but @model would be the "proper" way. There's an online CS->JS translator at coffeescript.org (hit "try coffeescript"). –  mu is too short Jan 11 '12 at 18:43

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