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I can't see how to tell Eclipse to ignore the .git directory when doing a project-wide search (^H), so it either finds irrelevant stuff in .git or complains "Resource is out of sync".

I don't use any Eclipse-git plug-ins - I find them too confining compared to the command-line.

Is it possible to configure this?

(If there's an answer to this already, it isn't tagged with both eclipse and git.)

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You can put .git folder on level higher. I.e. a root project directory contains only directories .git and folder with a real project.

Git perfectly tracks moving and renaming files so it can be done easily.

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That would certainly be a good place to start with a new project, but unfortunately I'm working on an existing project, and I think folks would object to a mass move. – android.weasel Feb 9 '12 at 18:06

The easiest solution makes me a bit embarrassed to have asked the question in the first place: set the search Scope to be a Working Set, and then using Choose to set up a scope including only the directories you want to look in.

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