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I already have small java project. i want to move it to maven. So i want to create POM.xml using eclipse so that i can build it using pom from command prompt.i have not worked on maven though worked on ant .

Please let me know how i can create pom.xml for my java project using eclipse?

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You should use the new available m2e plugin for Maven integration in Eclipse. With help of that plugin, you should create a new project and move your sources into that project. These are the steps:

  • Check if m2e (or the former m2eclipse) are installed in your eclipse distro. If not, install it.
  • Open the "New Project Wizard": File > New > Project...
  • Open Maven and select Maven Project and click Next.
  • Select Create a simple project (to skip the archetype selection).
  • Add the necessary information: Group Id, Artifact Id, Packaging == jar, and a Name.
  • Finish the Wizard.
  • Your new Maven project is now generated, and you are able to move your sources and test packages to the relevant location in your workspace.
  • After that, you can build your project (inside eclipse) by selecting your project, then calling from the context menu Run as > Maven install.
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How would you add pom.xml to a project that was created before m2e was installed if somebody needed to add a project from github that's only available through maven. –  EternallyCurious May 26 '13 at 9:30

If you have plugin for Maven in Eclipse, you can do following:

  • right click on your project -> Maven -> Enable Dependency Management

This will convert your project to Maven and creates a pom.xml. Fast and simple...

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In order to get this plugin: Help -> "Install New Software" and add the link found on this page: wiki.eclipse.org/Maven_Integration Currently it is "download.eclipse.org/technology/m2e/releases"; –  Reza S Sep 17 '13 at 20:05

This work for me on MAC:

Right click on the project, select Configure -> Convert to Maven Project

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easiest way would be to create a new (simple) maven project using the "new project" wizard. You can then migrate your source into the maven folder structure + the auto generated POM.

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To create POM.XML file in Eclipse:

  1. Install M2E plugin (http://www.eclipse.org/m2e/)

  2. Right click on project -> Configure -> Convert to Maven Project

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