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Is it possible to query more than one insights metric in one API call?

For example to get the daily added likes for a page I executed the following call:

But I would like to have another metric, e.g., page_fan_removes_unique, included as well.

Query the insights object entirely is a possibility, but gives me too much data I don't need, thus decreases performance.

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Yes, you can run a multiple FQL query in one API call and then parse the various results.

multi query:

insights table:

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FQL is no longer supported beyond version 2.0. Also, the multiquery link is dead. – bfrederi May 14 at 23:32

Since your question shows that you're using the Graph API, you may want to use the batch requests method:

You can group multiple Graph API queries together so you can just query the Insights data you need in one request.

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