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I want to design an app which shows a list of wifi networks available and connect to the network when it is selected. I have implemented the part showing the scan results. Now i want to connect to a particular network selected by the user from the list of scan results. Can anyone please tell me how to do this?

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You need to create WifiConfiguration instance like this:

String networkSSID = "test";
String networkPass = "pass";

WifiConfiguration conf = new WifiConfiguration();
conf.SSID = "\"" + networkSSID + "\"";   // Please note the quotes. String should contain ssid in quotes

Then, for WEP network you need to do this:

conf.wepKeys[0] = "\"" + networkPass + "\""; 
conf.wepTxKeyIndex = 0;

For WPA network you need to add passphrase like this:

conf.preSharedKey = "\""+ networkPass +"\"";

For Open network you need to do this:


Then, you need to add it to Android wifi manager settings:

WifiManager wifiManager = (WifiManager)context.getSystemService(Context.WIFI_SERVICE); 

And finally, you might need to enable it, so Android conntects to it:

List<WifiConfiguration> list = wifiManager.getConfiguredNetworks();
for( WifiConfiguration i : list ) {
    if(i.SSID != null && i.SSID.equals("\"" + networkSSID + "\"")) {
         wifiManager.enableNetwork(i.networkId, true);


UPD: In case of WEP, if your password is in hex, you do not need to surround it with quotes.

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that works well! thank you :) but one more thing i would like to ask. Dont you need to set the allowedPairwiseCipher, allowedAuthALgorithms and allowedProtocols? And how to decide which particular attribute to set; like you set WEP40 for GroupCipher for WEP networks? –  vickey Jan 11 '12 at 11:59
One way you can figure out which attributes to set is by connecting manually to network and then using readConfig functions from Mike code example. –  kenota Jan 11 '12 at 13:01
I forgot to mention one thing. In case of WEP, if your password is in hex, you do not need to surround it by quotes. –  kenota Jan 12 '12 at 10:18
Thanks for the nice solution, could you elaborate on how to check if the connection was successful or not. For example the user might enter the wrong password and should be notified about it. –  Pascal Klein Mar 29 '13 at 0:50
how about if the desired Wifi Hotspot doesn't use any Password at all.... Should we use the .preSharedKey = null; or should we set .preSharedKey = ""; Which one is correct? @kenota –  gumuruh Jul 19 at 6:08

Part 1: Creating a WEP WiFi configuration programatically

This is pretty much straightforward, WifiConfiguration exposes the interface to create the same. Here is the sample code:

void saveWepConfig()
    WifiManager wifi = (WifiManager) getSystemService(Context.WIFI_SERVICE);
    WifiConfiguration wc = new WifiConfiguration(); 
    wc.SSID = "\"SSID_NAME\""; //IMP! This should be in Quotes!!
    wc.hiddenSSID = true;
    wc.status = WifiConfiguration.Status.DISABLED;     
    wc.priority = 40;

    wc.wepKeys[0] = "\"aaabbb1234\""; //This is the WEP Password
    wc.wepTxKeyIndex = 0;

    WifiManager  wifiManag = (WifiManager) this.getSystemService(WIFI_SERVICE);
    boolean res1 = wifiManag.setWifiEnabled(true);
    int res = wifi.addNetwork(wc);
    Log.d("WifiPreference", "add Network returned " + res );
    boolean es = wifi.saveConfiguration();
    Log.d("WifiPreference", "saveConfiguration returned " + es );
    boolean b = wifi.enableNetwork(res, true);   
    Log.d("WifiPreference", "enableNetwork returned " + b );  


Following the permissions needed in AndroidManifest.xml

  <uses-permission android:name="android.permission.ACCESS_WIFI_STATE">
    <uses-permission android:name="android.permission.ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE">
    <uses-permission android:name="android.permission.CHANGE_WIFI_STATE">

Part 2: Read a WEP WiFi configuration programatically Straighforward again. Here is the sample code:

 void readWepConfig()
        WifiManager wifi = (WifiManager) getSystemService(Context.WIFI_SERVICE); 
        List<WifiConfiguration> item = wifi.getConfiguredNetworks();
        int i = item.size();
        Log.d("WifiPreference", "NO OF CONFIG " + i );
        Iterator<WifiConfiguration> iter =  item.iterator();
        WifiConfiguration config = item.get(0);
        Log.d("WifiPreference", "SSID" + config.SSID);
        Log.d("WifiPreference", "PASSWORD" + config.preSharedKey);
        Log.d("WifiPreference", "ALLOWED ALGORITHMS");
        Log.d("WifiPreference", "LEAP" + config.allowedAuthAlgorithms.get(AuthAlgorithm.LEAP));
        Log.d("WifiPreference", "OPEN" + config.allowedAuthAlgorithms.get(AuthAlgorithm.OPEN));
        Log.d("WifiPreference", "SHARED" + config.allowedAuthAlgorithms.get(AuthAlgorithm.SHARED));
        Log.d("WifiPreference", "GROUP CIPHERS");
        Log.d("WifiPreference", "CCMP" + config.allowedGroupCiphers.get(GroupCipher.CCMP));
        Log.d("WifiPreference", "TKIP" + config.allowedGroupCiphers.get(GroupCipher.TKIP));
        Log.d("<WifiPreference", "WEP104" + config.allowedGroupCiphers.get(GroupCipher.WEP104));
        Log.d("WifiPreference", "WEP40" + config.allowedGroupCiphers.get(GroupCipher.WEP40));
        Log.d("WifiPreference", "KEYMGMT");
        Log.d("WifiPreference", "IEEE8021X" + config.allowedKeyManagement.get(KeyMgmt.IEEE8021X));
        Log.d("WifiPreference", "NONE" + config.allowedKeyManagement.get(KeyMgmt.NONE));
        Log.d("WifiPreference", "WPA_EAP" + config.allowedKeyManagement.get(KeyMgmt.WPA_EAP));
        Log.d("WifiPreference", "WPA_PSK" + config.allowedKeyManagement.get(KeyMgmt.WPA_PSK));
        Log.d("WifiPreference", "PairWiseCipher");
        Log.d("WifiPreference", "CCMP" + config.allowedPairwiseCiphers.get(PairwiseCipher.CCMP));
        Log.d("WifiPreference", "NONE" + config.allowedPairwiseCiphers.get(PairwiseCipher.NONE));
        Log.d("WifiPreference", "TKIP" + config.allowedPairwiseCiphers.get(PairwiseCipher.TKIP));
        Log.d("WifiPreference", "Protocols");
        Log.d("WifiPreference", "RSN" + config.allowedProtocols.get(Protocol.RSN));
        Log.d("WifiPreference", "WPA" + config.allowedProtocols.get(Protocol.WPA));
        Log.d("WifiPreference", "WEP Key Strings");
        String[] wepKeys = config.wepKeys;
        Log.d("WifiPreference", "WEP KEY 0" + wepKeys[0]);
        Log.d("WifiPreference", "WEP KEY 1" + wepKeys[1]);
        Log.d("WifiPreference", "WEP KEY 2" + wepKeys[2]);
        Log.d("WifiPreference", "WEP KEY 3" + wepKeys[3]);

Part 3: Read a EAP WiFi Configuration programatically Now this is tricky. You can find the code which saves a EAP WiFi configuration through the vanilla Android UI in WifiDialog.java. Well easy enough We can use the same code in our Application, Well NO! If you happen to try this you will get errors saying cannot find the symbols eap, phase, client_cert and so on. A little detailed investigation tells us EnterpriseFieldis private inside WiFiConfiguration class and all the symbols we cannot find are of the type EnterpriseField. Well we've hit a roadblock, We need these fields for reading/saving a EAP config but we don't have programmatic access to them!

Java Reflection API to the rescue Well I am not a Java expert so I wont be getting in to details of Reflection API as such and you can google for tutorials or get more information here. To keep it Short and Sweet, Reflection API allows you to inspect classes, interfaces, fields and methods at runtime, without knowing the names of the classes, methods etc. at compile time. It is also possible to instantiate new objects, invoke methods and get/set field values using reflection.And, Importantly Reflection can help you access private data members inside a class Well this is what we need don't we? :)

Let's check the code example now which shows how to read a EAP WiFi configuration using Reflection Api. As a bonus the snippet will log the config to a file and save it on the SD Card....pretty slick ..eh ;) A little bit of overview of Reflection Api and I am sure grasping the code below is easy.

  private static final String INT_PRIVATE_KEY = "private_key";
    private static final String INT_PHASE2 = "phase2";
    private static final String INT_PASSWORD = "password";
    private static final String INT_IDENTITY = "identity";
    private static final String INT_EAP = "eap";
    private static final String INT_CLIENT_CERT = "client_cert";
    private static final String INT_CA_CERT = "ca_cert";
    private static final String INT_ANONYMOUS_IDENTITY = "anonymous_identity";
    final String INT_ENTERPRISEFIELD_NAME = "android.net.wifi.WifiConfiguration$EnterpriseField";

This is the code to create a logfile on to SD card before calling the readEapConfig() function.

  BufferedWriter out = null;
            File root = Environment.getExternalStorageDirectory();
            Toast toast = Toast.makeText(this, "SD CARD mounted and writable? " + root.canWrite(), 5000);
            if (root.canWrite())
                File gpxfile = new File(root, "ReadConfigLog.txt");
                FileWriter gpxwriter = new FileWriter(gpxfile);
                out = new BufferedWriter(gpxwriter);
                out.write("Hello world");
        } catch (IOException e) 
            Toast toast = Toast.makeText(this, "Problem reading SD CARD", 3000);
            Toast toast2 = Toast.makeText(this, "Please take logs using Logcat", 5000);
            Log.e("<<<<<<<<<<WifiPreference>>>>>>>>>>>>", "Could not write file " + e.getMessage());

Now the readEapConfig() function itself:

  void readEapConfig(BufferedWriter out)
        /*Get the WifiService */        
        WifiManager wifi = (WifiManager)getSystemService(WIFI_SERVICE);
        /*Get All WIfi configurations*/
        List<WifiConfiguration> configList = wifi.getConfiguredNetworks();
        /*Now we need to search appropriate configuration i.e. with name SSID_Name*/
        for(int i = 0;i<configList.size();i++)
                /*We found the appropriate config now read all config details*/
                Iterator<WifiConfiguration> iter =  configList.iterator();
                WifiConfiguration config = configList.get(i);

                /*I dont think these fields have anything to do with EAP config but still will
                 * print these to be on safe side*/
                try {
                Log.d("<<<<<<<<<<WifiPreference>>>>>>>>>>>>", "[SSID]" + config.SSID);
                out.write("<<<<<<<<<<WifiPreference>>>>>>>>>>>>" + "[SSID]" + config.SSID);
                Log.d("<<<<<<<<<<WifiPreference>>>>>>>>>>>>", "[BSSID]" + config.BSSID);
                out.write("<<<<<<<<<<WifiPreference>>>>>>>>>>>>" +"[BSSID]" + config.BSSID);
                Log.d("<<<<<<<<<<WifiPreference>>>>>>>>>>>>", "[HIDDEN SSID]" + config.hiddenSSID);
                out.write("<<<<<<<<<<WifiPreference>>>>>>>>>>>>" + "[HIDDEN SSID]" + config.hiddenSSID);
                Log.d("<<<<<<<<<<WifiPreference>>>>>>>>>>>>", "[PASSWORD]" + config.preSharedKey);
                out.write("<<<<<<<<<<WifiPreference>>>>>>>>>>>>"+ "[PASSWORD]" + config.preSharedKey);
                Log.d("<<<<<<<<<<WifiPreference>>>>>>>>>>>>", "[ALLOWED ALGORITHMS]");
                out.write("<<<<<<<<<<WifiPreference>>>>>>>>>>>>"+ "[ALLOWED ALGORITHMS]");
                Log.d("<<<<<<<<<<WifiPreference>>>>>>>>>>>>", "[LEAP]" + config.allowedAuthAlgorithms.get(AuthAlgorithm.LEAP));
                out.write("<<<<<<<<<<WifiPreference>>>>>>>>>>>>" + "[LEAP]" + config.allowedAuthAlgorithms.get(AuthAlgorithm.LEAP));
                Log.d("<<<<<<<<<<WifiPreference>>>>>>>>>>>>", "[OPEN]" + config.allowedAuthAlgorithms.get(AuthAlgorithm.OPEN));
                out.write("<<<<<<<<<<WifiPreference>>>>>>>>>>>>" + "[OPEN]" + config.allowedAuthAlgorithms.get(AuthAlgorithm.OPEN));
                Log.d("<<<<<<<<<<WifiPreference>>>>>>>>>>>>", "[SHARED]" + config.allowedAuthAlgorithms.get(AuthAlgorithm.SHARED));
                out.write("<<<<<<<<<<WifiPreference>>>>>>>>>>>>" + "[SHARED]" + config.allowedAuthAlgorithms.get(AuthAlgorithm.SHARED));
                Log.d("<<<<<<<<<<WifiPreference>>>>>>>>>>>>", "[GROUP CIPHERS]");
                out.write("<<<<<<<<<<WifiPreference>>>>>>>>>>>>" + "[GROUP CIPHERS]");
                Log.d("<<<<<<<<<<WifiPreference>>>>>>>>>>>>", "[CCMP]" + config.allowedGroupCiphers.get(GroupCipher.CCMP));
                out.write("<<<<<<<<<<WifiPreference>>>>>>>>>>>>" + "[CCMP]" + config.allowedGroupCiphers.get(GroupCipher.CCMP));
                Log.d("<<<<<<<<<<WifiPreference>>>>>>>>>>>>" , "[TKIP]" + config.allowedGroupCiphers.get(GroupCipher.TKIP));
                out.write("<<<<<<<<<<WifiPreference>>>>>>>>>>>>"+ "[TKIP]" + config.allowedGroupCiphers.get(GroupCipher.TKIP));
                Log.d("<<<<<<<<<<WifiPreference>>>>>>>>>>>>", "[WEP104]" + config.allowedGroupCiphers.get(GroupCipher.WEP104));
                out.write("<<<<<<<<<<WifiPreference>>>>>>>>>>>>" + "[WEP104]" + config.allowedGroupCiphers.get(GroupCipher.WEP104));
                Log.d("<<<<<<<<<<WifiPreference>>>>>>>>>>>>", "[WEP40]" + config.allowedGroupCiphers.get(GroupCipher.WEP40));
                out.write("<<<<<<<<<<WifiPreference>>>>>>>>>>>>" + "[WEP40]" + config.allowedGroupCiphers.get(GroupCipher.WEP40));
                Log.d("<<<<<<<<<<WifiPreference>>>>>>>>>>>>", "[KEYMGMT]");
                out.write("<<<<<<<<<<WifiPreference>>>>>>>>>>>>" + "[KEYMGMT]");
                Log.d("<<<<<<<<<<WifiPreference>>>>>>>>>>>>", "[IEEE8021X]" + config.allowedKeyManagement.get(KeyMgmt.IEEE8021X));
                out.write("<<<<<<<<<<WifiPreference>>>>>>>>>>>>"+ "[IEEE8021X]" + config.allowedKeyManagement.get(KeyMgmt.IEEE8021X));
                Log.d("<<<<<<<<<<WifiPreference>>>>>>>>>>>>", "[NONE]" + config.allowedKeyManagement.get(KeyMgmt.NONE));
                out.write("<<<<<<<<<<WifiPreference>>>>>>>>>>>>" + "[NONE]" + config.allowedKeyManagement.get(KeyMgmt.NONE));
                Log.d("<<<<<<<<<<WifiPreference>>>>>>>>>>>>", "[WPA_EAP]" + config.allowedKeyManagement.get(KeyMgmt.WPA_EAP));
                out.write("<<<<<<<<<<WifiPreference>>>>>>>>>>>>" + "[WPA_EAP]" + config.allowedKeyManagement.get(KeyMgmt.WPA_EAP));
                Log.d("<<<<<<<<<<WifiPreference>>>>>>>>>>>>", "[WPA_PSK]" + config.allowedKeyManagement.get(KeyMgmt.WPA_PSK));
                out.write("<<<<<<<<<<WifiPreference>>>>>>>>>>>>" + "[WPA_PSK]" + config.allowedKeyManagement.get(KeyMgmt.WPA_PSK));
                Log.d("<<<<<<<<<<WifiPreference>>>>>>>>>>>>", "[PairWiseCipher]");
                out.write("<<<<<<<<<<WifiPreference>>>>>>>>>>>>" + "[PairWiseCipher]");
                Log.d("<<<<<<<<<<WifiPreference>>>>>>>>>>>>", "[CCMP]" + config.allowedPairwiseCiphers.get(PairwiseCipher.CCMP));
                out.write("<<<<<<<<<<WifiPreference>>>>>>>>>>>>" + "[CCMP]" + config.allowedPairwiseCiphers.get(PairwiseCipher.CCMP));
                Log.d("<<<<<<<<<<WifiPreference>>>>>>>>>>>>", "[NONE]" + config.allowedPairwiseCiphers.get(PairwiseCipher.NONE));
                out.write("<<<<<<<<<<WifiPreference>>>>>>>>>>>>" + "[NONE]" + config.allowedPairwiseCiphers.get(PairwiseCipher.NONE));
                Log.d("<<<<<<<<<<WifiPreference>>>>>>>>>>>>", "[TKIP]" + config.allowedPairwiseCiphers.get(PairwiseCipher.TKIP));
                out.write("<<<<<<<<<<WifiPreference>>>>>>>>>>>>" + "[TKIP]" + config.allowedPairwiseCiphers.get(PairwiseCipher.TKIP));
                Log.d("<<<<<<<<<<WifiPreference>>>>>>>>>>>>", "[Protocols]");
                out.write("<<<<<<<<<<WifiPreference>>>>>>>>>>>>" + "[Protocols]");
                Log.d("<<<<<<<<<<WifiPreference>>>>>>>>>>>>", "[RSN]" + config.allowedProtocols.get(Protocol.RSN));
                out.write("<<<<<<<<<<WifiPreference>>>>>>>>>>>>" + "[RSN]" + config.allowedProtocols.get(Protocol.RSN));
                Log.d("<<<<<<<<<<WifiPreference>>>>>>>>>>>>", "[WPA]" + config.allowedProtocols.get(Protocol.WPA));
                out.write("<<<<<<<<<<WifiPreference>>>>>>>>>>>>" + "[WPA]" + config.allowedProtocols.get(Protocol.WPA));
                Log.d("<<<<<<<<<<WifiPreference>>>>>>>>>>>>", "[PRE_SHARED_KEY]" + config.preSharedKey);
                out.write("<<<<<<<<<<WifiPreference>>>>>>>>>>>>" + "[PRE_SHARED_KEY]" + config.preSharedKey);
                Log.d("<<<<<<<<<<WifiPreference>>>>>>>>>>>>", "[WEP Key Strings]");
                out.write("<<<<<<<<<<WifiPreference>>>>>>>>>>>>" + "[WEP Key Strings]");
                String[] wepKeys = config.wepKeys;
                Log.d("<<<<<<<<<<WifiPreference>>>>>>>>>>>>", "[WEP KEY 0]" + wepKeys[0]);
                out.write("<<<<<<<<<<WifiPreference>>>>>>>>>>>>" + "[WEP KEY 0]" + wepKeys[0]);
                Log.d("<<<<<<<<<<WifiPreference>>>>>>>>>>>>", "[WEP KEY 1]" + wepKeys[1]);
                out.write("<<<<<<<<<<WifiPreference>>>>>>>>>>>>" + "[WEP KEY 1]" + wepKeys[1]);
                Log.d("<<<<<<<<<<WifiPreference>>>>>>>>>>>>", "[WEP KEY 2]" + wepKeys[2]);
                out.write("<<<<<<<<<<WifiPreference>>>>>>>>>>>>" + "[WEP KEY 2]" + wepKeys[2]);
                Log.d("<<<<<<<<<<WifiPreference>>>>>>>>>>>>", "[WEP KEY 3]" + wepKeys[3]);
                out.write("<<<<<<<<<<WifiPreference>>>>>>>>>>>>" + "[WEP KEY 3]" + wepKeys[3]);

                catch(IOException e) 
                    Toast toast1 = Toast.makeText(this, "Failed to write Logs to ReadConfigLog.txt", 3000);
                    Toast toast2 = Toast.makeText(this, "Please take logs using Logcat", 5000);
                    Log.e("<<<<<<<<<<WifiPreference>>>>>>>>>>>>", "Could not write to ReadConfigLog.txt" + e.getMessage());
                /*reflection magic*/
                /*These are the fields we are really interested in*/
                    // Let the magic start
                    Class[] wcClasses = WifiConfiguration.class.getClasses();
                    // null for overzealous java compiler
                    Class wcEnterpriseField = null;

                    for (Class wcClass : wcClasses)
                        if (wcClass.getName().equals(INT_ENTERPRISEFIELD_NAME)) 
                            wcEnterpriseField = wcClass;
                    boolean noEnterpriseFieldType = false; 
                    if(wcEnterpriseField == null)
                        noEnterpriseFieldType = true; // Cupcake/Donut access enterprise settings directly

                    Field wcefAnonymousId = null, wcefCaCert = null, wcefClientCert = null, wcefEap = null, wcefIdentity = null, wcefPassword = null, wcefPhase2 = null, wcefPrivateKey = null;
                    Field[] wcefFields = WifiConfiguration.class.getFields();
                    // Dispatching Field vars
                    for (Field wcefField : wcefFields) 
                        if (wcefField.getName().trim().equals(INT_ANONYMOUS_IDENTITY))
                            wcefAnonymousId = wcefField;
                        else if (wcefField.getName().trim().equals(INT_CA_CERT))
                            wcefCaCert = wcefField;
                        else if (wcefField.getName().trim().equals(INT_CLIENT_CERT))
                            wcefClientCert = wcefField;
                        else if (wcefField.getName().trim().equals(INT_EAP))
                            wcefEap = wcefField;
                        else if (wcefField.getName().trim().equals(INT_IDENTITY))
                            wcefIdentity = wcefField;
                        else if (wcefField.getName().trim().equals(INT_PASSWORD))
                            wcefPassword = wcefField;
                        else if (wcefField.getName().trim().equals(INT_PHASE2))
                            wcefPhase2 = wcefField;
                        else if (wcefField.getName().trim().equals(INT_PRIVATE_KEY))
                            wcefPrivateKey = wcefField;
                Method wcefSetValue = null;
                for(Method m: wcEnterpriseField.getMethods())
                    wcefSetValue = m;

                /*EAP Method*/
                String result = null;
                Object obj = null;
                    obj = wcefSetValue.invoke(wcefEap.get(config), null);
                    String retval = (String)obj;
                    Log.d("<<<<<<<<<<WifiPreference>>>>>>>>>>>>", "[EAP METHOD]" + retval);
                    out.write("<<<<<<<<<<WifiPreference>>>>>>>>>>>>" + "[EAP METHOD]" + retval);

                /*phase 2*/
                    result = (String) wcefSetValue.invoke(wcefPhase2.get(config), null);
                    Log.d("<<<<<<<<<<WifiPreference>>>>>>>>>>>>", "[EAP PHASE 2 AUTHENTICATION]" + result);
                    out.write("<<<<<<<<<<WifiPreference>>>>>>>>>>>>" + "[EAP PHASE 2 AUTHENTICATION]" + result);

                /*Anonymous Identity*/
                    result = (String) wcefSetValue.invoke(wcefAnonymousId.get(config),null);
                    Log.d("<<<<<<<<<<WifiPreference>>>>>>>>>>>>", "[EAP ANONYMOUS IDENTITY]" + result);
                    out.write("<<<<<<<<<<WifiPreference>>>>>>>>>>>>" + "[EAP ANONYMOUS IDENTITY]" + result);

                /*CA certificate*/
                    result = (String) wcefSetValue.invoke(wcefCaCert.get(config), null);
                    Log.d("<<<<<<<<<<WifiPreference>>>>>>>>>>>>", "[EAP CA CERTIFICATE]" + result);
                    out.write("<<<<<<<<<<WifiPreference>>>>>>>>>>>>" + "[EAP CA CERTIFICATE]" + result);

                /*private key*/
                    result = (String) wcefSetValue.invoke(wcefPrivateKey.get(config),null);
                    Log.d("<<<<<<<<<<WifiPreference>>>>>>>>>>>>", "[EAP PRIVATE KEY]" + result);
                    out.write("<<<<<<<<<<WifiPreference>>>>>>>>>>>>" + "[EAP PRIVATE KEY]" + result);

                    result = (String) wcefSetValue.invoke(wcefIdentity.get(config), null);
                    Log.d("<<<<<<<<<<WifiPreference>>>>>>>>>>>>", "[EAP IDENTITY]" + result);
                    out.write("<<<<<<<<<<WifiPreference>>>>>>>>>>>>" + "[EAP IDENTITY]" + result);

                    result = (String) wcefSetValue.invoke(wcefPassword.get(config), null);
                    Log.d("<<<<<<<<<<WifiPreference>>>>>>>>>>>>", "[EAP PASSWORD]" + result);
                    out.write("<<<<<<<<<<WifiPreference>>>>>>>>>>>>" + "[EAP PASSWORD]" + result);

                /*client certificate*/
                    result = (String) wcefSetValue.invoke(wcefClientCert.get(config), null);
                    Log.d("<<<<<<<<<<WifiPreference>>>>>>>>>>>>", "[EAP CLIENT CERT]" + result);
                    out.write("<<<<<<<<<<WifiPreference>>>>>>>>>>>>" + "[EAP CLIENT CERT]" + result);
                    Toast toast1 = Toast.makeText(this, "All config data logged to ReadConfigLog.txt", 3000);
                    Toast toast2 = Toast.makeText(this, "Extract ReadConfigLog.txt from SD CARD", 5000);


                catch(IOException e) 
                    Toast toast1 = Toast.makeText(this, "Failed to write Logs to ReadConfigLog.txt", 3000);
                    Toast toast2 = Toast.makeText(this, "Please take logs using Logcat", 5000);
                    Log.e("<<<<<<<<<<WifiPreference>>>>>>>>>>>>", "Could not write to ReadConfigLog.txt" + e.getMessage());
                catch(Exception e)

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I appreciate the effort you put into your answer; is there a way you can trim it down to make it a little more concise while retaining how helpful it is? Thanks! –  casperOne Jan 11 '12 at 13:03
i'm not able to connect to the WEP network. I tried your solution and kenota's too but it doesn't work for WEP. It show: obtaining IP address form bsc2... and then it fails to connect. What can be the problem?? –  vickey Jan 12 '12 at 6:52
i can connect to open and WPA secured networks but not with WEP –  vickey Jan 12 '12 at 9:12
Stolen from stackoverflow.com/a/4374934/1228 –  Will Apr 13 '12 at 19:03
geeezzz... @Will .... –  gumuruh Jul 19 at 6:15

The earlier answer works, but the solution can actually be simpler. Looping through the configured networks list is not required as you get the network id when you add the network through the WifiManager.

So the complete, simplified solution would look something like this:

WifiConfiguration wifiConfig = new WifiConfiguration();
wifiConfig.SSID = String.format("\"%s\"", ssid);
wifiConfig.preSharedKey = String.format("\"%s\"", key);

WifiManager wifiManager = (WifiManager).getSystemService(WIFI_SERVICE);
//remember id
int netId = wifiManager.addNetwork(wifiConfig);
wifiManager.enableNetwork(netId, true);
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I am trying to do this but its not working I've executed it on a async task to allow it time to process and nothing how should i do this? –  B. TIger May 14 at 18:38
if the password is not used. Should we put .preSharedKey = null; or should we just put empty string, @seanloyola ? –  gumuruh Jul 19 at 6:14

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