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I'm using Entity Framework with stored procedures for inserting/updating/deleting entities.

The task that I'm doing is inventory management with FIFO/LIFO methods => those inserts/updates/deletes perform several checks and can fail (sometimes they fail).

The problem is I want to report back to .NET what went wrong and why. How can I do it?

Currently I'm using something like this:

BEGIN --rollback
RAISERROR (N'There''s not enough items in stock.', -- message
    16, -- severity
    1) -- state

I always get "MSDTC error" - "The underlying provider failed on EnlistTransaction."

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I don't think it is getting that far. It is erroring out when one of the transactions is starting up, your custom error is not getting raised.

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That's probably the case. The problem is that if everything is OK then the transaction commits fine -> my error handling causes something to break. I suppose that the flow of execution in the SP is not interrupted and when it reaches COMMIT everything breaks (as it should, because the transaction has already been rolled back). E tity Framework reports the last error -> it's not mine.. –  kubal5003 Jan 16 '12 at 11:16

You will have to check the InnerException to get the custom error you have raised.

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I've already done this and InnerException is null. –  kubal5003 Jan 11 '12 at 12:16

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