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I send INVITE to a sip server in a J2ME app and use rtp for data transmision.There is a conflict in VIA header which is that,implecite via header contain UDP instead of rtp. But I haven't use 'upd' any where in my code.If we consider the JAINSIP we can modify the VIA header header.But j2m2 api doesn't allow to modify the VIA header(here).

How can I solve this?how to avoid implicitly adding udp to VIA header in my request.Where I should see again??
Here is my sending INVITE Code

 try {  final String ip = scn.getLocalAddress();
        contact = "sip:user@" + scn.getLocalAddress() + ":" + scn.getLocalPort();
        scc = (SipClientConnection)  Connector.open("sip:user@xxx.xxx.xxx.x:5060;transport=tcp");
        scc.initRequest("INVITE", scn);

        scc.setHeader("From", "sip:user@" + scn.getLocalAddress() + ":" + scn.getLocalPort() + ";transport=tcp");

        scc.setHeader("To", "sip:user@xxx.xxx.xxx.x:5060;transport=tcp");
        scc.setHeader("Contact", contact);
        System.out.println("Session id is :" + sId);

        scc.setHeader("Session-Id", sId);
        scc.setHeader("Content-Type", "application/sdp");
        String sdp = "....";
        OutputStream os = scc.openContentOutputStream();
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