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I am about to go nuts ... I can't figure out the correct settings for my Xcode project + unit (logic and application) testing targets.

I've done step by step many tutorials on how to set unit testing targets including Apple's and Cocoa with Love and I get the same problem.

I have four targets:

  1. MyApp - No dependencies, Runs normally.

  2. LogicTests - Dependencies: MyApp Tests work fine.

  3. ApplicationTests - Dependency: MyApp. Bundle Loader is set to $(BUILT_PRODUCTS_DIR)/ and Test Host to $(BUNDLE_LOADER). Tests work but I get ugly warnings:

    Class Foo is implemented in both /var/.../ and /private/var/.../ApplicationTests.octest/ApplicationTests. One of the two will be used. Which one is undefined.

    I think It is because I made Foo.m member of ApplicationTests target. I've checked Apple's sample and they don't do such a thing but If I remove Foo.m from the ApplicationTests target then I get:

    Undefined symbols for architecture armv7 "_OBJC_CLASS_$_Foo", referenced from: Objc-class-ref in FooTest.o`

    How can I solve this? If I my understanding is correct then ApplicationTests target should be able to load any class from MyApp since it has it as a dependency. :(

    Help please.

  4. MyAppTesting - Duplicate of MyApp used for unit test debugging breakpoints, etc (?) I cannot run this, I get the same Warning as above and the app crashes without launching with Segment fault 11. No test is performed. I think the origin of this is the same as above... I hope I am not wrong here.

EDIT: Why I am warned about Foo implemented in MyAppTesting and ApplicationTests if I am testing ApplicationTests which only depends on MyApp ? Currently, no target depends on MyAppTesting.

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