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Is there a tool in the market that takes Visual Studio "nmake" files, and converts them to Unix-style "make" files? Is there any tool that eases the pain of managing makefiles in large projects?

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have you seen this ? – Adinochestva May 19 '09 at 10:18

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I haven't seen any tools which automatically can convert nmake to unix make, but there are several tools to aid in managing makefiles in large projects. My favorite one is CMake.

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I think the frustrations you're experiencing have been addressed by the industry via the Ant and Ant-related technologies. (NAnt)

Ant is:

  • cross-platform
  • not tied to OS shell commands
  • no more whitespace issues

Alternatively, since you mentioned you're using VisualStudio, you might consider migrating to Microsoft's MSBuild -- Microsoft's (relatively new) build engine for VisualStudio.

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