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Possible Duplicate:
make drop down list item unselectable

I have an dropdownlist and would like to make some values disabled to select. We have a list of 10-100 items that will be in the dropdown list. Users need to select an Item to perform a function.

Each item has a Heading that it's sorted on, 10 items under 1 heading (example). and I want to not allow the heading to be selected.

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Try for each element you want to diable:

  ListItem i = DropDownList1.Items.FindByValue(str);
  i.Attributes.Add("style", "color:gray;");
  i.Attributes.Add("disabled", "true");
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Thanks kman :) You save my time – Piush shukla Jan 11 '12 at 13:05

As long as your DropDownList is populated with items you can easily enable and disable them using the following property:

DropDownList1.Items[1].Enabled = false;
DropDownList1.Items[2].Enabled = true;

This will lead to the rendering them in HTML as non-selectable.

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