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I have a customer who fires over support jobs all the time. Some are 5 minute jobs and others are ~1 hour. What are the best practice agile methods that can be used for this?

Our process of for adding and signing off works fine. We currently use Basecamp. The customer will email/msn/phone me with a request. This will instantly go into Basecamp into a pending list. Once and a while I will login and put a time estimate against the job. If he is fine with the time he moves the item to the signed off list.

The problem I've found is I'm finding it hard to commit to him and work has been building up in the signed off list. I'm going from freelance to running a business so I have taken on big projects which earn me a lot more money but I need to keep this customer (and others) happy. I have another employee that can help me out now too.

If anyone has recommendations that would be great. I'm looking for a solution that uses agile where work, time and invoicing is covered.

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Sounds like you should look into Kanban. It's not the answer, but it could help you find the path to the answer. –  Michael Jan 11 '12 at 17:37
you should move this question to another forum, like over here programmers.stackexchange.com for example –  jamesTheProgrammer Jan 11 '12 at 20:37

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As pointed out, Kanban works great for uncertain environment. You can't predict how many requests you will receive next day and Kanban does solve this problem. You can create a simple board with columns like New, Estimated, Signed Off, In Progress, Done. Then you can ask customer to order requests in Signed Off column, so that you know what you should take first. You can even put deadlines on some requests and it will be visible on the board.

Here is an example http://www.systemsoup.org/2009/12/our-first-kanban-board-for-it-operations-and-support/

I would recommend to use Trello https://trello.com. It is deadly simple and will exactly fit your needs. It is free and customizable.

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