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I have downloaded xcode and have developed a crud app (on the iphone) that interacts with a mysql table using php on a linux server. Now I want to develop a crud program on an iphone that can connect to SAP.

I have xcode and access to SAP. What more do I need to accomplish this?

Do I need to license software from SAP? Or is there open source software that will allow me to do all this?

Your help would be appreciated.

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You need the SAP Mobile Development Kit NetWeaver Mobile 7.0 but I would like an open source alternative. –  Apache Jan 11 '12 at 14:06

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Download and install xcode.
Download and install the Gateway Consumption Tool from SDN. (You will need to be a registered dev with SAP to do this).
Make sure your gateway service on SAP is installed correctly.

You can now start developing.

For more info go here: Consume a Gateway Service Using XCode

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