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I have a question about initializing the wcf service client proxy when I have many calls . Lets say I have a process , which connect the server each 5 sec, I don't want to instantiate the service client proxy each 5 sec, so I initialized it the first time and use the same instance all the calls . Is that OK , do I miss something here , does the wcf service open and close the connection each 5 sec although its the same instance .

Thanks in advance ...

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possible duplicate of WCF Client Connection Caching/Pooling – BNL Jan 11 '12 at 13:45
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We use ChannelFactory<T> So every time we need a proxy we just ask Channel factory to provide a proxy. So it is Channel Factory's responsibility to give you proxy from its internal cache or to create new one.

Link provided by BNL is a good resource and discuss how it helps to achieve the performance. Also check this link for example how to use ChannelFactory.

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