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What is wrong with this code:

    HRESULT AllocateAndFillOutParameters(DWORD * a_Attrib_Count, BSTR ** a_AttribName, DWORD** a_AttribId,BSTR** a_AttribDescription, BSTR** a_AttribDataType, 
    BSTR** a_AttribAdvanceDataType,DWORD** a_attribfieldlength, VECTOROFATTRIBUTESSTRUCT a_vectAttributes )
 VECTOROFATTRIBUTESSTRUCT::iterator itr_vectCategory = a_vectAttributes.begin();

    // Memory Allocation 
     *a_Attrib_Count = a_vectAttributes.size();
    *a_AttribName = (BSTR*)CoTaskMemAlloc(*a_Attrib_Count * sizeof(BSTR));
    *a_AttribDescription = (BSTR*)CoTaskMemAlloc(*a_Attrib_Count * sizeof(BSTR));
    *a_AttribId = (DWORD*)CoTaskMemAlloc(*a_Attrib_Count * sizeof(DWORD));
    *a_AttribDataType = (BSTR*)CoTaskMemAlloc(*a_Attrib_Count * sizeof(BSTR));
    *a_AttribAdvanceDataType = (BSTR*)CoTaskMemAlloc(*a_Attrib_Count * sizeof(BSTR));
     *a_attribfieldlength = (DWORD*)CoTaskMemAlloc(*a_Attrib_Count * sizeof(DWORD));

    for(int i=0 ;itr_vectCategory != a_vectAttributes.end(); itr_vectCategory++, i++)
        *((*a_AttribName)+i) = SysAllocString(itr_vectCategory->m_strAttributeName.c_str());
        *((*a_AttribId)+i) = itr_vectCategory->m_dwAttributeId;
        *((*a_AttribDescription)+i) = SysAllocString(itr_vectCategory->m_strAttributeDescription.c_str());
        *((*a_AttribDataType)+i) = SysAllocString(itr_vectCategory->m_strAttributeDataType.c_str());
        *((*a_AttribAdvanceDataType)+i) = SysAllocString(itr_vectCategory->m_strAttributeAdvanceDataType.c_str());
        *((*a_attribfieldlength)+i) = (itr_vectCategory->m_dwAttributeFieldLength);


 return hr;

It gives runtime exception of heap corruption , am i allocating in wrong way ? Thanks for help.

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Is this production code? –  Lightness Races in Orbit Jan 11 '12 at 13:57
In the loop, should it really be (*a_AttribName)+1? Should you not add i instead of 1? –  Joachim Pileborg Jan 11 '12 at 14:01
Yes it is i, typing mistake here. –  Ehsank Jan 11 '12 at 14:02
@Ehsank: Then better post the real code if you want the real problems to be found... –  sth Jan 11 '12 at 14:05
What is wrong with this code ? DWORD*** really ? Is it part of a competition to see how many pointers you can fit on one line ? :P - edit .. aw my tired eyes saw one more * –  matiu Jan 11 '12 at 14:06

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I can't tell you where your error is, but I would suggest downloading the Debugging Tools for Windows and then reading the docs on enabling Page Heap debugging using the gflags program which may allow you to catch the error where the heap corruption actually occurs.

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