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For example I want to update all records to '2012-01-01' ( "time" : ISODate("2011-12-31T13:52:40Z") ).

db.test.update( { time : '2012-01-01' }, false, true  )

return error:

Assert failed : need an object
Error("Printing Stack Trace")@:0
("assert failed : need an object")@shell/utils.js:46
(false,"need an object")@shell/utils.js:54
([object Object],false,true)@shell/collection.js:189

Wed Jan 11 17:52:35 uncaught exception: assert failed : need an object
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what is the error? –  mhornfeck Jan 11 '12 at 14:50

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You need to create a new ISODate object like this:

db.test.insert({"Time" : new ISODate("2012-01-10") });

This is true both for updates and for queries. Note that your query syntax is incorrect, it should be

db.test.update({ criteria }, { newObj }, upsert, multi);

For example, to update all objects, consider

db.test.update( {}, { $set : { "time" : new ISODate("2012-01-11T03:34:54Z") } }, true, true);

Also note that this is very different from

db.test.update( {}, { "time" : new ISODate("2012-01-11T03:34:54Z") }, true, false);

because the latter will replace the object, rather than add a new field to the existing document or updating the existing field. In this example, I changed the last parameter to false, because multi updates only work with $ operators.

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You can do this in the old-school way by creating ISO date

  db.test.update({_id : 1}, {
      $set : {
         "time" : new ISODate("your current date")

But note that with new Mongo 2.6 you will be able to update date to a current date really easy with $currentDate.

db.test.update( { _id: 1 }, {
  $currentDate: {
      time: true,
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If you need to convert an existing date field (imported from MySQL format 'yyyy-mm-dd' f.e.) to ISODate you can loop through the documents this way:

/usr/bin/mongo yourdbname --eval "db.yourcollectionname.find().forEach(function(doc){doc.yourdatefield = new ISODate(doc.yourdatefield);db.yourcollectionname.save(doc)});"
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