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I'm working on a winform app in C# which as to launch others exectuables. It works pretty fine.

But I notice it slow down after some launches. So I monitored threads and discovered that :


Creates two threads. That's normal as I use this to get some informations with event handlers as I need asynchronous logs.

When my process is killed (no matter the way it is), I use :


I hoped this would kill my two extra threads, but it doesn't. When I read the MSDN it says that it stop handling events, but if I use BeginOuputReadLine again I could reuse the buffer. So I suppose it means : "we don't kill threads".

I don't need this, and I wan't to kill my processes, it there a work around ?

By the way, even if I delete the buffer doing :

_windowsProcess.OutputDataReceived -= new DataReceivedEventHandler(OnDataReceived);
_windowsProcess.ErrorDataReceived -= new DataReceivedEventHandler(OnDataReceived);

I've the same issue.

Thanks in advance !

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You are seeing threadpool threads, used by the Process class to call the Output/ErrorDataReceived events. They don't get killed, they stay in the pool until there's work to be done. Any kind of work, not just to call those event handlers. –  Hans Passant Jan 11 '12 at 16:36
Si this souldn't cause any issue ? –  Doh-a Jan 12 '12 at 7:50

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