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i'm currently creating a piece of code which should simply show the text that is stored in the url via php in a variable QuoteText, like so:

post.php?PostID=7&QuoteText=This is a post

I have created the code to make a text area get this text and it should display in the text box. However for some reason I keep getting alot of whitespace characters in the text area box, although there is none in text being gotten.

Start of box |        This is a post                   | end of box

Can anybody help explain why i keep getting this problem? Thanks, i've added the code for the textarea below

<textarea name="commentMade" rows="" cols="" class="COMMENTBOX" required=required>
if(isset($_GET['QuoteText']) != "") 
    echo $_GET['QuoteText'];
    echo "COMMENTS HERE :)";
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Not the problem, but... isset($_GET['QuoteText']) != "" doesn't make much sense. if boolean value != ''? –  Marc B Jan 11 '12 at 15:22

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All the extra whitespace is coming from your PHP inside <textarea></textarea> tags. What you can do is this:

if(isset($_GET['QuoteText']) != "")
    $txt = $_GET['QuoteText'];
    $txt = "COMMENTS HERE :)";
<textarea name="commentMade" rows="" cols="" class="COMMENTBOX" required=required><?php echo(trim($txt)); ?></textarea>
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Aleks G could be correct as spaces could be around outside the php tags. –  Dev Jan 11 '12 at 15:23
@bardiir: you're right, I didn't express myself clear. As dev pointed out, there could be spaces around outside the php tags - plus the newlines before and after the the php block itself. –  Aleks G Jan 11 '12 at 15:25
Yep, it's probably whitespaces before and after the php tags, everything inbetween is pretty much irrelevant :) –  bardiir Jan 11 '12 at 15:27
This worked nicely thank you very much :) –  Jono_2007 Jan 11 '12 at 15:35

You could try to use trim():

if(isset($_GET['QuoteText']) != "") 
    echo trim($_GET['QuoteText']);
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The whitespace is probably in your php file at the end of the lines. Be aware that inside of <textarea> like in <pre> you can't freely set whitespaces like in other places of your html syntax, they will be displayed there.

Take a look at your HTML source that you generate and make sure there are no rogue whitespaces.

This might be related:
Why is textarea filled with mysterious white spaces?

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Trying changing your code to ... required><?php ....

But regardless of the reasons, a trim() should let you get rid of them.

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Make that single line, spaces could be there at start or rear of lines.

<textarea name="commentMade" rows="" cols="" class="COMMENTBOX" required=required><?php 
echo (isset($_GET['QuoteText']))? $_GET['QuoteText'] : "COMMENTS HERE :)";
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