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i have got a question for you. The question isn't that simple, buy due to that i can not find a solution.

I want to get to know how i can transfer data easily between 2 iPhones, over wifi. I would like to know if i could do that whitout having a server or database, but whitin an app (so whitout using emailing er so).

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Game Kit has support for Peer-to-Peer-Connectivity and is, despite the name, not only usable for games:

The GKSession class allows your application to create and manage an ad-hoc Bluetooth or local wireless network, as shown in Figure 1. Copies of your application running on multiple devices can discover each other and exchange information, providing a simple and powerful way to create multiplayer games on iOS. Further, sessions offer all applications an exciting mechanism to allow users to collaborate with each other.

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You can also check out Bonjour API from Apple. I am not sure if you need a static IP for it to work or it can just work over wifi. Just trying to give a pointer.

Based on your exact usecase, it can work well.

Check it out here, Game center is also there. http://developer.apple.com/technologies/ios/networking.html

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