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I am looking to bind from my select box in my form to a particular enum.

Consider this enum:

public enum OperatorDTO {
LESS_THAN ("<"),
EQUALS ("="),

private String operator;

public String getOperator() {
    return operator;

private OperatorDTO(String operator)
    this.operator = operator;

and this snippet from my form:

<form:select path="rules[${counter.index}].operator">
    <form:options itemLabel="operator" itemValue="operator" />

The page renders fine and displays the various ">", "<" symbols in the drop-down box

However, when I submit my form I get errors when it attempts to bind the values back to the enums e.g. "No enum const class com.fmrco.insight.adminconsole.dto.enums.OperatorDTO.<"

Is there an easy way to perform this binding?


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Try to omit itemValue="operator".

Item value should be the name of enum constant, and as far as I remember it's a default behavior.

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Form tags snippet is correct and enum is correct also. What is missing here is converter which Spring will use to convert String from form:options element to OperatorDTO enum.

1) Add two more methods to OperatorDTO enum

    // Enum level method to get enum instance by operator field.
    public static OperatorDTO getByOperator( final String p_operator ) {
        for ( OperatorDTO operatorDTO : OperatorDTO.values() ) {
            if ( operatorDTO.isOperatorEqual( p_operator ) ) {
                return operatorDTO;
        return null;
    // Instance level method to compare operator field.
    public boolean isOperatorEqual( final String p_operator ) {
        return getOperator().equals( p_operator ) ? true : false;

2) Create custom converter such this

import org.springframework.core.convert.converter.Converter;

public class OperatorDTOConverter implements Converter<String, OperatorDTO> {
    public OperatorDTO convert( String source ) {
        return OperatorDTO.getByOperator( source.trim() );

3) Registeg converter in app configuration (java config in this case)

@ComponentScan( basePackages = { "your.base.package"} )
public class AppWebConfig extends WebMvcConfigurerAdapter {
    public void addFormatters( FormatterRegistry registry ) {
        registry.addConverter( String.class, OperatorDTO.class, new OperatorDTOConverter() );

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