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I've been utilizing lots of different corpora for natural language processing, and I've been looking for a corpus that has been annotated with Wordnet Word Senses.

I understand that there probably is not a big corpus with this information, since the corpus needs to be built up manually, but there has to be something to go off of.

Also if there isn't a corpus in existence, is there at least a sense annotated ngram database (with what percentage of the time a word is each of its definitions, or a numerical count of each wordnet definition depending on how common the word sense is)?

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Three prominent corpora annotated for WordNet:

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SemCor was by far the best one out of all the ones linked. Looks like there are not a lot of high quality WordNet annotated corpus' available right now. – cardine Jan 22 '12 at 8:21
@cardine and cyborg, sorry for the comment, but i couldn't find your contact info. could you email me at info @ based on your NLP interests, i have a small project you might be interested in. thanks. – Crashalot Apr 2 '13 at 21:12

Some of the SENSEVAL (now SEMEVAL) data is annotated with WordNet.

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