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I am currently able to get the location when I set the Criteria accuracy to ACCURACY_COARSE. This uses the mobile signal to get the location I believe and returns it straight away.

What I wish to do is the the most accurate location I can within (for example) 1 minute before I store/do whatever I need to with the location.

What would be the best way to approach this?

Should I get the location first with ACCURACY_COARSE and then try for ACCURACY_FINE? Will it work? Ie. if I remove the update request after the 1 minute is up will it actually stop requesting, or can I only remove it after the first report?

Is the a better way of approaching this?


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I think you'll need to request updates from both providers (you can use the same listener though). There is an example at Android's developer guide on how to choose the best location update over time.

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