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Is there a way to run JBehave from gradle? I currently have a JUnitStories subclass that sets a step class and overrides storyPaths to point at different .story files.

This task can supposedly do what I need, but I'm not sure how I integrate it with what I have.

task spec << {
            name: 'jbehave',
            classname: 'org.jbehave.ant.RunStoriesAsEmbeddables',
            classpath: configurations.jbehave.asPath)

            includes: 'src/main/specs',
            generateViewAfterStories: true

How do I get this running from a gradle task with my stories?

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I'm not aware of a JBehave plugin for Gradle. If JBehave has JUnit integration, you can run JBehave tests via Gradle's test task. Otherwise, the task above looks fine too. Apparently it expects JBehave sources in src/main/specs (I don't know if they need to be compiled). It also expects a jbehave configuration containing the JBehave library. You can set it up like so:

configurations { jbehave }
dependencies {
    jbehave ...
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This can definitely run with gradle test, it seems, but now I need to figure out how to get JBehave to load a number of spec tests as individual JUnit tests for proper reporting. The "gradle" piece of this is solved, though, so I'm marking this as the answer. –  Stefan Kendall Jan 11 '12 at 20:08

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