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What is the preferred method for inter-class communications? If one of my classes needs to access a value that's coming from another class should I use the App Delegate as a sort of Central Hub or is it better to #import them directly?

What's the cleaner/better route to take?

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I use iVars and class methods to achieve what you want, the AppDelegate should not be a boiler for sharing variable between classes. But you can.

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There are several ways to solve it:

  1. Import one class to another and use its methods/properties.
  2. Create a global class, initialize it with some values. Access to this class from all another required classes. See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Singleton_pattern
  3. NSNotification - see NSNotificationCenter Class Reference. It allows you to execute some code in your current class when another class execute its own code or fires some action.
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