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Does anyone know how to modify the Jenkins/Hudson node labels in a non-manually way? I mean, thorough an API like the CLI API that this tool offers (without restarting Jenkins/Hudson of course).

My guess is that the best option is using a Groovy script to enter into the Jenkins/Hudson guts. Executing something like:

java -jar -s HUDSON_URL:8080 groovy /path/to/groovy.groovy

Being the content of that script something like:

for (aSlave in hudson.model.Hudson.instance.slaves) {
   labels = aSlave.getAssignedLabels()
   println labels
   **aSlave.setLabel("blabla")** // this method doesn't exist, is there any other way???

Thanks in advance!


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Note: the other answers are a bit old, so it could be that the API has appeared since then.

Node labels are accessed in the API as a single string, just like in the Configure screen.

To read and write labels: Node.getLabelString() and Node.setLabelString(String).

Note that you can get the effective labels as well via: Node.getAssignedLabels(), which returns a Collection of LabelAtom that includes dynamically computed labels such as the 'self-label' (representing the node name itself).

Last, these methods on the Node class are directly accessible from the slave objects also, e.g. as a System Groovy Script:

hudson = hudson.model.Hudson.instance
hudson.slaves.find { slave -> slave.nodeName.equals("slave4") 
  print "Slave  $slave.nodeName : Labels: $slave.labelString"
  slave.labelString = slave.labelString + " " + "offline"
  println "   --> New labels: $slave.labelString"
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How and where would I run this script? Also it appears there is an extra } at the end. – Christian Goetze Mar 13 '14 at 18:38
It doesn't appear as if these changes persist, though. – Christian Goetze Mar 16 '14 at 19:26
2 – Christian Goetze Mar 24 '14 at 20:09
I don't know Groovy but this snippet still definitely seems wrong - has unmatched } and doesn't run in Jenkins. – jwg Feb 1 at 8:51

I've not seen a way yet to change the slave label either.

I've taken to editing the main config.xml file and issuing a reload from the CLI.

This has it's own problems though - any jobs currently running are lost until the next jenkins restart - see

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