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I've been using osTicket right out of the box for a couple years now and it works wonderfully. I'm now using this system for a few of the medical clinics I support and I have added an additional field which requires the user to input the name of the clinic that they are at.

That is also working, but I cannot figure out how to get the clinic name included in the automated email that tells my staff that there is a new ticket open. I think I need to add a new base varialbe, but dont know how to do this? Any ideas?

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I did find line 32 of class.msgtpl.php (\include\class.msgtpl.php) stating this:

$sql='SELECT * FROM '.EMAIL_TEMPLATE_TABLE.' WHERE tpl_id='.db_input($id);

Is there anything in the template that allows you to utilize the custom variables? If not, you can write in your own as it is probably just a simple preg_replace.

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In include/class.ticket.php, line 422

They are all in this function. Add accordingly to $search & $replace.

function replaceTemplateVars($text){
    global $cfg;

    $dept = $this->getDept();
    $staff= $this->getStaff();

    $search = array('/%id/','/%ticket/','/%email/','/%name/','/%subject/','/%topic/','/%phone/','/%status/','/%priority/',
    $replace = array($this->getId(),
    return preg_replace($search,$replace,$text);
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Welcome to stackoverflow! When answering a question with code, consider adding some more details (especially because this code seems to be copied from the source code rather than improved to answer the question already). –  Gijs Nov 15 '12 at 12:33

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