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I'm trying to do multistep form, and I have 5 div's (all of them hidden) The five of them are parts of a form so I can get the first and the last div by doing this

  var first = $("#new").children(":first").next();
  var last = $("#back").prev('div');

"#new" is the id of the form, and "#back" the id of the back button. After click on the NEXT button it shows; , but it should only work the first time then it should display the next() of the div that is visible.

How can I get that div?


EDIT: I'm trying to do this because after I click next on the first div then it shows the second div, and after that the third an so on, but I want to do a function where it automatically detects wich one is visible.

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Your question got a bit confusing but if you want to check if an element is visible then you can use the :hidden pseudo selector:

var first = $("#new").children(":first").nextAll(':hidden');

And to find only visible elements:

var first = $("#new").children(":first").nextAll(':visible');

Docs for :hidden:

Docs for :visible:

Here is a demo:

Notice I used .nextAll() instead of .next() because the latter only looks for the single next element and the former looks at all the sibling elements that come after the root selection.

Docs for .nextAll():

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is there a way to filter only the div's? because if I do that it also gives me some <p> that I have in between – JavierQQ23 Jan 11 '12 at 17:37
@JavierQQ23 add the tag-name to the selector: var first = $("#new").children("div:first").nextAll('div:visible');. I generally don't do this because it slows down the selectors but if you have a good reason then it's there to use. – Jasper Jan 11 '12 at 17:43
Thanks!, I only wanted to filter the div's in nextAll :) – JavierQQ23 Jan 11 '12 at 17:44
if ($('#theid:visible').length > 0)
     console.log('I Am Visible');
     console.log('I Am Not Visible');
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give a whirl:

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