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I have a Button control in my Web form. Here I put CSS styles through JQuery. At some instance, I want to remove styles applied on page load. I have to traverse to its parent span and DIV elements and remove them. I would like to know that how could this be achieved. After applying styles on page load the HTML markup looks like following:

<DIV class=jquery-roundedBtn>
<SPAN class=spanLt></SPAN>
<INPUT id=DefaultContent_btnRunReport class=edit-submit value="Run Report" type=submit   name=ctl00$DefaultContent$btnRunReport>
<SPAN class=spanRt></SPAN>
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try this :

$('.spanLt, .spanRt, .jquery-roundedBtn').removeClass("name of class");
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How are you applying styles? Hopfully you are just assigning a class to the element you want to style. If this is the case you could remove it like so:


I don't see any parent SPAN, but you can use the siblings function to select sibling SPANs if that is what you need.

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you could select the parents directly

$('.spanLt .spanRt .jquery-roundedBtn').removeClass("name of class");
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This is more robust solution:


Starting point is button in question. closest('div') will return first parent who is div (not only immediate/direct parent), so if you later change markup a little, js will still work. find('span') will return all spans inside previously found div.

Also, only div,span which are relevant to the button will be targeted instead of all div,span with those classes.

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