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I'm trying to link my CMake-project with pcre lib wich is already is shipped with a CMakeLists.txt, so it promises to be easily. However, I'd like to build it only for C language, no C++.

My question is whether it possible to override the list of supported languages?

pcre's CMakeLists.txt has the following project command:


So it builds, by default, CXX targets as well. I do not need them as my whole project is written in the "plain old C".

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There is following line in pcre's CMakeLists.txt:

OPTION(PCRE_BUILD_PCRECPP "Build the PCRE C++ library (pcrecpp)." ON)

I suppose, you should set this var to OFF.

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Yeah, I saw that option. I figured out that it could be set up by -D command line options of cmake. But instead of OFF I use NO and it works. Anyway, I'm curious how to (if it is possible at all) suppress project's settings on what languages it supports. –  Dmitrii Volosnykh Jan 12 '12 at 17:54
You can use 0, NO and OFF value for BOOL type. As for project, why do you care about it? It's purpose is to set up some internal CMake stuff, it shouldn't affect you in any way. –  arrowdodger Jan 12 '12 at 19:05

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