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Is there a way to determine whether my *File is pointing to a file or a directory?

fileOrDir, err := os.Open(name)
// How do I know whether I have a file or directory?

I want to be able to read stats about the file if it is just a file, and be able to read the files within the directory if it is a directory

fileOrDir.Readdirnames(0) // If dir
os.Stat(name) // If file
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For example,

package main

import (

func main() {
    name := "FileOrDir"
    f, err := os.Open(name)
    if err != nil {
    defer f.Close()
    fi, err := f.Stat()
    if err != nil {
    switch mode := fi.Mode(); {
    case mode.IsDir():
        // do directory stuff
    case mode.IsRegular():
        // do file stuff


The example is for Go 1.1. For Go 1.0, replace case mode.IsRegular(): with case mode&os.ModeType == 0:.

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Here is another possibility:

import "os"

func IsDirectory(path string) (bool, error) {
    fileInfo, err := os.Stat(path)
    return fileInfo.IsDir(), err
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be careful: directory has to exist –  David Krmpotic Jun 8 at 17:57

Here is how to do the test in one line:

    if info, err := os.Stat(path); err == nil && info.IsDir() {
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