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I am moving from .net asp.net to C# winform.

I want to select multiple files on a C# winform then show the selected files on the screen that user can remove them...

Which control should I use for showing the items on screen winform?

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@Tigran Probably because it showed little research effort. (Note: I did not down vote it) –  Andrew Barber Jan 19 '12 at 1:28
@devn, change your title please, the fact that you're coming from ASP.NET isn't relevant –  Thomas Levesque Jan 19 '12 at 1:31

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If I understand your question correctly, you should use Listbox. The user can easily select multiple items in a listbox using the typical Windows Ctrl/Shift keys and clicking on the items they want to select.

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Question is too generic.

Just a couple of options:



Depends on what is that Item you're talking about.

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Below is a screenshot and code snippet from a custom control. This should give you a starting point for creating your own.

The File Selector GUI

    /// <summary>
    /// Retrieve a list of available files in the input directory
    /// </summary>
    private void LoadAvaliableFiles()

            //Pick up files from structure
            //Firstly pick up all files in the target directory
            string[] filesFound = this.m_watcher.GetFiles();

            // Verify that we have some files to display in the list
            if (filesFound != null && filesFound.Length > 0)
                // The ArrayList will contain PreConversionData objects
                foreach (string filePath in filesFound)
                    string fileName = Path.GetFileName(filePath);

                    //create a list view item for the file
                    ListViewItem newFile = new ListViewItem(fileName);
                    newFile.Text = fileName;
                    newFile.ToolTipText = filePath;
                    newFile.Tag = filePath;

                    // Add the new item to the list

        catch (Exception ex)
            Log.WriteLine( Category.Warning, "Exception detected populating the available files list", ex);


My code is using a folder watcher to catch any newly added files but you could just as easily use

string [] filesFound = Directory.GetFiles(targetDirectory);
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