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I have a perl script for which ENV variables can be set to direct specific outputs e.g. $debug, $verbose, $develop etc

Usually I run these from the command line

$ VERBOSE=1 perl params

I now want to run them using nohup. Using the command line

$ nohup VERBOSE=1 perl params 

is clearly not right, as the attempt to set ENV{VERBOSE} is interpreted as a param to nohup & I get the msg

nohup: failed to run command `VERBOSE=1': No such file or directory

What IS the correct syntax here? I'm trying to run this on a linux box.

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Set the environment variable before calling nohup, and it will be preserved when nohup exec()s (replaces itself with) perl.

$ VERBOSE=1 nohup perl params ...
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thanks. should have thought of that myself. it had been a long day ... – bobox Jan 12 '12 at 15:39

This is exactly what the env command is for:

$ env VAR1=VAL1 VAR2=VAL2 nohup perl params &
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Try to combine all commands into shell script and run it like that: nohup /path/to/

Or you could use export: export VERBOSE=1 And then: nohup perl params

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