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I am using wix in my installer, I need to uninstall add-on Setup while uninstall the Main setup, I am using the below code in Main setup wix,

  <CustomAction Id="UNINSTALL_ADDON" Return="asyncNoWait" Execute="immediate" ExeCommand="msiexec.exe /x [add-onProductID] /qn” Property="add-onProductID" />

Below code in InstallExecute Table <Custom Action="UNINSTALL_ADDON" Sequence="1282">(REMOVE="ALL")</Custom>

I am using the below property

<Property Id=" add-onProductID" Value="NULL" />

I have read the add-on Property Id from registry and pass it set to add-onProductID using CustomAction while uninstall the main setup. This won’t help. Could you please help me to solve the issue?

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You cannot install or uninstall another MSI during InstallExecuteSequence because Windows Installer doesn't support simultaneous install processes.

A solution is to make sure that your custom action is scheduled after InstallFinalize action (it's sequence is greater than InstallFinalize).

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I have set the sequence after installFinalize but no luck. It return values 1631 with out any meg in uninstall log file, Do you have any Idea? –  Vinoth Jan 12 '12 at 8:57

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