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I've got a .gitignore file and I've also used EGit to "untrack" and "ignore" files in the bin directory of my Android project. Nonetheless, whenever I do a commit, these three files are always there (with their gray ignore X icon) but automatically CHECKED. Why?

The three files are classes.dex, myproject.apk, resources.ap_

How in the world can I make it so these are actually ignored and not auto-checked on a commit?


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Have you examined what's actually in the repo? Look at the gitignore to make sure the files are listed, see if the files are actually tracked (not just a spurious check-mark). – Jefromi Jan 11 '12 at 20:14

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robinr is right, git ignore even sometimes worsens the situation.

You can do two things:

1) Remove the files you were trying to untrack from .gitignore first. After that you do untrack->commit. You can choose to git ignore them after this.


2) Assume unchanged, which flags the files as if you never touched them after and achieves what you were trying to do (ignore/untrack).

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You could explicitly state these files in your .gitignore file. Or you could ignore all .dex, .apk, and .ap_ files by adding this to your .gitignore:

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If a file has already been added, it does not help to put them into .gitignore. You also need to tell git not to track the file anymore (git rm)

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