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I have dowloades the sources of the android musicplayer vanilla. When i compile it with eclipse i get several compiler-error that complain that a method with @Override is not an override.

I made the source compilable by removing the false @Overrides.

I donot know, why there are these wrong @Overrides.

Maybe they are there because the autor developed for an other android-baseclasslibrary that has these methods while my java 6 with android 2.1 does not have it.

Is there a way to make it compileable without deleting the false @Overrides?

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You need to switch to JDK6 :

  • Enable Java 1.6 Compiler in your project properties under Java Compiler
  • Make sure your java Runtime Environement is at 1.6
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i have a java 1.6 compiler but i was compiling with java 1.5 settings. – k3b Jan 11 '12 at 21:11

The problem may come from using different versions.

It's not a good practice to make it compileable without deleting the false @Overrides because it is made for a reason and if you CAN disable it, you may have problems elsewhere and you wouldn't know where the problems are happening

So, just delete the false or check for a newer version of vanilla

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