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Two part question: I have a 10x10 QTableWidget with QTableWidgetItem in each cell. For some reason, clicking on a cell is not sufficient to edit it, I need to double-click the cell to enter it.

  1. Is there a way to change this behavior to single click

  2. Is there a way to have 2nd cell in 1st row selected and ready for editing by default when window is created?

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You can modify the editing behaviour in various ways with setEditTriggers.

For single-click, try:


The current edited cell can be set with editItem:

table.editItem(table.item(0, 1))
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It worked, Thankx! I found that self.table.setEditTriggers(QAbstractItemView.AllEditTriggers) works best. –  storm_to Jan 12 '12 at 19:01

You can also use setCurrentCell.


QTableWidget.setCurrentCell (self, int row, int column)

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