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I have a bash script that runs a query in postgres, it outputs to csv. I want to add to that script to use mailx to email that .csv file to a particular email.

The problem I am having is it will not email the file. I can get the email so I know mailx is setup correctly. I just cannot get it to email it as an attachment. It can also email the output in the body of the email.

So here is the code.

    NOWDATE=`date +%m-%d-%Y`
    PGPASSWORD=password psql -w -h host -p 5432 -d database -U user -o /tmp/folder/file-$NOWDATE.csv <<EOF
    Query is here

    # remove the first 2 lines of the report as they are headers
    sed -i '2d' /tmp/folder/file-$NOWDATE.csv

    uuencode /tmp/folder/file-$NOWDATE.csv | mailx -s "Accounts No Credit Card Report for '$NOWDATE'"

I have tried the mailx part with:

    uuencode /tmp/folder/file-$NOWDATE.csv /tmp/folder/file-$NOWDATE.csv | mailx -s "Accounts No Credit Card Report for '$NOWDATE'"


    uuencode /tmp/folder/file-$NOWDATE.csv file-$NOWDATE.csv | mailx -s "Accounts No Credit Card Report for '$NOWDATE'"

So the problem I get is it spits out this error when I run the .sh file.

    uuencode: fopen-ing /tmp/folder/file-01-11-2011.csv: Unknown system error
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Is the path /tmp/folder/file-$NOWDATE.csv correct? Do a pwd where you have the file and double check. This error occurs when /path/to/file does not exist. – jaypal singh Jan 11 '12 at 22:33
Also, sed -i '2d' filename deletes the second line and not first two. For deleting first two lines you need to do sed -i '1,2d' filename – jaypal singh Jan 11 '12 at 22:37
Jaypal. I agree the comment was wrong I found that I only needed to delete the second line... I had it first deleting the first and second. LOL... Ok I will check it out. – DoCnTex Jan 11 '12 at 22:39
the file path does exist with the pwd it did indeed show the correct path. bahhhhh... though I just put a general path to hide the paths it does indeed show the correct path.. Wonder if it is the $NOWDATE that is throwing it off, I did however try it even with the correct file name without the $NOWDATE and still got the error. Could I be missing something that should be installed? – DoCnTex Jan 11 '12 at 22:41
If the command works from the command line then it should work from the script too :-). Try placing curly braces around your variable. uuencode /tmp/folder/file-${NOWDATE}.csv /tmp/folder/file-${NOWDATE}.csv | mailx -s "Accounts No Credit Card Report for '$NOWDATE'" – jaypal singh Jan 11 '12 at 22:49
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NOWDATE=`date +%m-%d-%Y`

It's up to you, but consider using ISO-8601 format, YYYY-MM-DD (%Y-%m-%d). Among other advantages, it sorts nicely.

# remove the first 2 lines of the report as they are headers
sed -i '2d' /tmp/folder/file-$NOWDATE.csv

This doesn't remove the first two lines, it just removes the second line. Change '2d' to '1,2d' (but see below).

Note that this modifies the file in place.

uuencode /tmp/folder/file-$NOWDATE.csv | mailx [...]

If uuencode is given only one file name, it reads from standard input and puts the name into its output. Your following text, "I have tried the mailx part with:" ..., indicates that you're probably aware of this -- but you haven't shown us the code that fixes that issue other than in snippets.

The error message you're getting:

uuencode: fopen-ing /tmp/folder/file-01-11-2011.csv: Unknown system error

isn't what you'd normally get if the file doesn't exist. I don't know what would cause an "Unknown system error" like that.

But here's an alternative that (a) is a bit cleaner IMHO, and (b) doesn't require uuencode to attempt to read the file:


NOWDATE=`date +%m-%d-%Y` # but %Y-%d-%m is better

PGPASSWORD=password psql -w -h host -p 5432 -d database -U user -o $DIR/$FILE <<EOF
... Query is here

tail -n +3 $DIR/$FILE | uuencode $FILE | \
    mailx -s "Accounts No Credit Card Report for '$NOWDATE'" $RECIPIENT
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THanks you Keith, Your format helped me simplify the process. Greatly appreciate it! – DoCnTex Jan 13 '12 at 17:03

I had the same issue. A bash script executing the query, saving the csv file and mailing it. In my case it it gave the uuencode: fopen-ing /tmp/folder/file-01-11-2011.csv: Unknown system error

When I executed the script using the ksh shell, it worked perfectly fine without any issues. Like this - ksh This is just another pointer. In case uuencode gives error, then try executing it using ksh; it might work for you.

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If the problem is with uuencode...why cant you try mailx -a option which can also attach the files to the mail. Check this link for more info.

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THank you I did use the -a for mailx and it worked... Much appreciated Raghuram – DoCnTex Jan 13 '12 at 17:03

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