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Youtube's API returns a JSON object with an array of videos. Each video object has a published date formatted like "2012-01-11T20:49:59.415Z". If I initialize a Javascript Date object using the code below, the object returns "Invalid Date".

var dt = new Date( "2012-01-11T20:49:59.415Z" );

I'm using this on iOS/mobile Safari, if that makes a difference.

Any suggestions or ideas on how to create a valid object?

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Try using JavaScript's Date.parse(string) and the Date constructor which takes the number of milliseconds since the epoch. The "parse" function should accept a valid ISO8601 date on any browser.

For example:

var d = new Date(Date.parse("2012-01-11T20:49:59.415Z"));
d.toString(); // => Wed Jan 11 2012 15:49:59 GMT-0500 (EST)
d.getTime(); // => 1326314999415
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This doesn't work in older browsers. I'm testing this on iOS 4.2.1 and iOS 5.0.1. iOS 4 fails, while iOS 5 works. –  K. M. Kroski Jan 12 '12 at 17:42
var dt = "2012-01-11T20:49:59.415Z".replace("T"," ").replace(/\..+/g,"")
dt = new Date( dt );
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I ended up finding a solution at http://zetafleet.com/blog/javascript-dateparse-for-iso-8601. It looks like the date is in a format called 'ISO 8601.' On earlier browsers (Safari 4, Chrome 4, IE 6-8), ISO 8601 is not supported, so Date.parse doesn't work. The code referenced from the linked blog post extends the current Date class to support ISO 8601.

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If you only need a portion of the date (eg. if you don't care about the time or time zone) you can just strip that portion of the date string off.

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I'm trying to generate a relative date, like "21 days ago" by pulling the milliseconds from the Date object. –  K. M. Kroski Jan 11 '12 at 21:56

This page has code that parses youtube (ISO 8601) dates into a date object:


Archive.org backup of same

It work for me, though I haven't tested it very much.

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