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Open Ankh seems to be using Subversion 1.6.2 and Tortoise uses Subversion 1.6.0.

After creating a repository with Tortoise I could not get ankh to see it.

After downloading subversion and doing svn admin -create --pre-1.6-compatible z:\......\etc.. now ankh can see it. This is my first time using version control, and maybe I don't need tortoise, but the windows explorer integration sounds nice.

I'm using file:/// not an svnserve or apache.

am I going to be able to use tortoise along side ankh or will I continue to have problems or possibly corrupt the repository?

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sorry this should read AnkhSvn seems to be using subversion 1.6.0, and tortoise seems to use Subversion 1.6.2. going to try a daily build of ankhSVN – Maslow May 19 '09 at 14:29
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I had similar problems but resolved them by installing latest (2.1 daily build) of AnkhSVN.

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As long as both tools are on the same major/minor version of Subversion (i.e. 1.6.any) then they should be able to work together.

Are you talking about AnkhSVN? If so, you might need to get a daily build, as their page mentions using the latest daily for Subversion 1.6 support. http://ankhsvn.open.collab.net/

If you update one client but not another and there is a minor version difference (i.e. 1.6 vs. 1.5), then the newer client will update the working copy and you won't be able to work with it in the older client.

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yes AnkhSvn, going to try a daily build to see if that helps. – Maslow May 19 '09 at 14:28

The latest version of TortoiseSVN was built against SVN 1.6.2, get it here. That may fix your problem.

The original poster corrected his post, and the above line no longer applies.

You should be able to use both side by side with no problems. I was for a while, and did not encounter any issues

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you said you were using both for awhile, did you change version control programs, or was using one of them sufficient to drop the other? – Maslow May 19 '09 at 14:27
there were a couple reasons why I dropped use of Ankh: 1)it was an earlier version that did have the SCC support that the new one has, 2) it didnt work well with the ASP.NET Website project I was working on, 3) I just liked TortoiseSVN better, and lastly 4) I left the last employer, and my current employer has a much more stringent software guideline, so I would have to get Ankh approved. – Dan McClain May 19 '09 at 16:35

I was also facing problems with Ankh, but after installing subversion 1.6.2 it works!! So probably you need to update your subversion to 1.6.2

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I actually did not need subversion installed to fix this problem. – Maslow May 20 '09 at 2:30

from http://ankhsvn.open.collab.net/downloads

If some of the projects do not show glyphs - Check if the projects are connected in File -> Subversion -> Change Source Control Make sure that at least the Solution and the projects missing glyphs are connected (Many project types do not require explicit binding)*

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