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I have the following problem with the libusb-java and some self-made devices. It could happen that such a device disconnects from the USB Port because it drains to much power (as an example: i have a USB-LED Light which needs sometimes more than 500mA). In this case the USB Controller will reset the device and the device will startup normaly again.

Now i cant really detect such a problem except for trying to reinit the device on every Exception. But thats not working...

On Every Exception i call my init Method again, which looks like this:

private void initDevice() {
this.dev = USB.getDevice(idVendor, idProduct);

The Problem with that is, this runs without any problem, but the i get this error message when i want to send new data:

LibusbJava.controlMsg: error sending control message: Protocol error

How do i can reinit the device? Do i have to reset the bus or something?

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You will need to call open() on the device - it is new for the system.

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that does not work... i get the same error then –  reox Jan 12 '12 at 18:42

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