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I am reworking some old, hand-crafted HTML. Is the style= attribute doing anything here?

<script type="text/javascript" style="behavior:url(#default#clientcaps)" id="..." src="..."></script>

I find a lot of hits searching for style=behavior:url(#default#clientcaps)}, but will this have any effect on a <script> tag?

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style is not a valid attribute on a <script> element (W3C), so it's not doing anything. Even Internet Explorer, which is the only browser that supports CSS behaviors, is ignoring it.

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It is some ugly MS stuff.

Provides information about features supported by Windows Internet Explorer, as well as a way for installing browser components on demand.

Try get get to the person who added it and tell him he's a bad guy! ;)

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I think in this case the style attribute is used just for a short hand for creating a style tag.

short for:

@media all {
   IE\:clientCaps {behavior:url(#default#clientCaps)}

Its specific to Internet Explorer. For what it does exactly you can read more here: clientCaps Behavior

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