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I have this directory structure

 |- pom.xml
 |- submodule1
      |- pom.xml
      |- project.properties
      |- subsubmodules

Submodule1 inherits from root and subsubmodules inherit from submodule1

Subsubmodules has dependencies that uses properties from submodule1's project.properties to have define its version. ie in Subsubmodules


In project.properties of Submodule1, I have

themodules.version = 1.0

So I used the properties-maven-plugin by defining it in the root pom.xml

              <!-- *edited from earlier post <file>etc/config/dev.properties</file>-->

Then I run mvn install at root level. Maven says it can't resolve ${themodules.version} in dependencies.

I also ran mvn install at the submodule level and it still can't resolve.

Help pls

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Nothing to do with inheritance here, you just need add location of your project.properties to properties-maven-plugin's configuration in your root pom.xml:


Then do mvn clean install at root level.

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Sorry, I added the <file> as <file>${basedir}/project.properties</file> in root pom.xml and assumed that it will be inherited to submodule pom model. Thus it should read the project.properties in submodule. Is this assumption incorrect? Given that inheritance works bottom-up approach its quite hard for the parent to know exactly who their children are and where exactly will the project.properties file be within the children –  ALQH Jan 12 '12 at 22:05
@ALQH, there is no concept for properties file inheritance, you just need tell properties-maven-plugin where is the exact location to read the properties file. –  yorkw Jan 12 '12 at 22:10
I declared that in root pom.xml, but then it still can't pass the ${themodules.version} that was used as dependency version in subsubmodules when I ran mvn install. It says dependency.dependency.version is not valid. –  ALQH Jan 13 '12 at 1:34
@ALQH, did you run mvn install under root? if you run mvn install under root/submodule1, it will not work as ${project.basedir} is now point to root/submodule1, if you want to run mvn install from outside root, change ${project.basedir} to a fix absolute file path. –  yorkw Jan 13 '12 at 2:34
I ran mvn install from root. Maven will then do install for the submodules from that and when maven gets to submodule1's pom.xml it can't resolve the properties. –  ALQH Jan 16 '12 at 23:46

Had a similar problem with code another developer checked in. They had the properties-maven-plugin under the root pom.xml.

I moved it out to each subproject that consumed the properties, and made it path relative. Since the main pom is in ${project.basedir}, the subproject will be in ../${project.basedir}.

That is, I added the plugin to the plugins element in those poms, and set the file element to ${project.basedir}/../default-pom.properties.

When I did that, it worked.

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